Today there are 842 unicorns worth over $2.7 trillion combined, which means Global 1000 companies are leaving a lot of money on the table. Every single one of those ventures could have been created, built, and launched by an incumbent — which often has far superior ideas, assets, talent, brand, channels, competencies, and customers when compared to any well-funded startup.

To truly institutionalize growth, we believe every company can and should build and run its own Venture Factory. Building a Venture Factory ensures that the Mothership doesn’t just launch one new venture one time, but has the platform, people, methodology and tools in place to create a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures to drive growth in perpetuity.

There are many benefits to building a Venture Factory but three are fundamental:

Disruptive New Ventures: Driving growth by creating and launching a portfolio of high-quality new ventures, managing the downside risk by reducing the greatest amount of risk on the least amount of capital and developing a laser-like focus on solving customer pain.

Revitalized Talent: Building a Venture Factory sends a message that the company is committed to real innovation and providing creative growth opportunities for its people (not just growth for its shareholders) which in turn enables the company to recruit and retain a pool of highly motivated and often, exceptionally talented, internal “entrepreneurs.”

Growth Capable Executive Leadership: By focusing on growth through venture building, senior executives are forced to expand their playbook and shift their mindset from being management review board members to adopting the discipline and mindset of top-tier VCs in Silicon Valley and beyond. 

But do it right…Corporate incubators and accelerators have a woeful success rate because they make the same mistakes over and over. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can unleash the unicorns within! Come learn how.

Join Mach49 Founder and CEO Linda Yates on October 27, 2021 at 9am SGT for a 90-minute seminar —  “Creating a Venture Factory to Drive Growth.” In this session, participants will learn the key elements required to build a world-class Venture Factory capable of organically building a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures across the spectrum of new venture creation —Ideate, Incubate, Accelerate, Scale including seizing the Mothership advantage. 

This event is organised as part of the Corporate Venture Launchpad - the S$10 million pilot programme by EDB New Ventures aims to enable large, established companies new to corporate venturing in Singapore to incubate and launch a new venture within six months, supported by venture studios experienced in corporate venture building.

Mach49 is proud to be an appointed venture studio of the programme.