The Mach49 methodology has propelled hundreds of companies from disrupted to disruptor. Now we’re democratizing our process because the world needs game-changing ideas — and Mach49 knows how to unleash them. 

Growth. Squared.

2401 is our new digital growth platform. The name represents the exponential increase of Mach49’s mission and impact (49 squared= 2401) and the potential we see in global entrepreneurship.

To celebrate the launch, we spoke with Monifa Porter, SVP and Head of 2401, and asked about the what, the why, and the where-to-next of 2401.  

What is 2401 and how is it unique?

2401 guides you from the initial kernel of an idea all the way through running a successful business. That end-to-end journey on a digital platform doesn’t exist anywhere else. Some companies offer digital point solutions like creating a new legal entity; others offer more comprehensive solutions, but they’re analog. 2401 is both digital and end-to-end. And Mach49 is uniquely positioned to bring it to market because we have the method, expertise, and experience; we’ve done this countless times for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Why was 2401 created?

Our work at Mach49 involves deep client engagement. We act as co-founders with New Venture Team leaders, and we can only scale that so far. But we needed to find a way to share our method with a broader audience because to solve the world’s biggest problems, it’s all hands on deck. Climate change, poverty, food insecurity — those issues can only be fixed when companies learn how to use their resources for good, to capitalize on what they already have: brand, talent, technology, channels, customers. We created 2401 to teach them how to do it.

Did Mach49’s methodology contribute to the creation of 2401?

Absolutely. We always eat our own dogfood. Our method starts with customer discovery, so we sat down with our clients: CEOs, CMOs, CFOs, CIOs, corporate intrapreneurs — all kinds of venture builders. We conducted pain point interviews, storyboard tests, and prototype tests. We incubated our own idea.

What customer pain does 2401 solve?

After an Incubate with Mach49, you end with a customer-validated business plan and pitch. But we move fast, and our method is substantial, so you may not remember all the steps that got you to that point. To keep applying our method, clients wanted a guide. 2401 provides all the content we use in an Incubate, structured so clients can follow it on their own.

Why is 2401 important to growth?

Growth is a mindset — you can’t just build a venture once; you need a pipeline and portfolio of ventures. But it’s not sustainable to repeatedly hire outsiders to help you get there. That’s why we say we’re working ourselves out of a job. We teach our methodology so clients can learn how to build ventures right. And then, with 2401, they can do it again and again. We equip customers with the method, instructions, playbook, and resources to keep Mach49’s expertise within their own walls.

How will 2401 continue to evolve?

Incubate is only part of our practice. We’re growing 2401 to include other areas of the Mach49 methodology: Ideate, Accelerate, Scale, Ecosystem Mapping, Venture Investing, and more. This is just the beginning. And the potential for what’s next is growing exponentially.

Ready to start your growth engine? Visit 2401.co to learn more.

Read more about 2401 in the press release.