Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) innovation is more than just a trend: it’s an imperative for the world’s largest companies to use their financial might and influence for the good of the environment. 

In her newest Forbes article, “How The World’s Largest Companies Can Become A Driving Force for Clean Tech” Mach49’s CEO and founder, Linda Yates, discusses the key reasons Global 1000 companies are best positioned to lead the global sustainability movement:

1. Big companies produce huge carbon footprints.

2. Stakeholders demand greater corporate action.

3. Large companies possess massive advantages.

4. In the war for talent, employees want the chance to change the world.

5. Large companies can build on their track records.

As the growth accelerator for global businesses, we help large enterprises drive growth while tackling the world’s biggest problems through venture building and investing. Aligned with the sustainability focus of our clients like Airbus, Goodyear, Hitachi, Halliburton Labs, TDK Ventures, and Schneider Electric, we build execution-oriented growth engines with the ability to do organic venture building, venture investing, strategic partnering, and tactical M&A. 

Now is the time for the world’s largest companies to assume the mantle of leadership. Governments and NGOs cannot achieve zero-emission goals and mitigate climate change without them. Together, we believe society can work toward solving the world’s most pressing problems. And we’re just getting started.