Developing More Disruptors™
Incubation Simulation
For Internal Entrepreneurs and Innovation Leaders — those tasked with creating, building, and launching new ventures
Bring your new venture ideas to a 5-day, hands-on, action-oriented simulation of the 12-week incubation process to develop disruptive ventures — covering the customer, product, and business development methods, and tools needed to create, build, and launch a successful new venture.
Build Your Innovation Ecosystem (Live)
For Department Disruptors — those inside each department tasked with building the motherships’s innovation ecosystem, advocating and supporting new ventures
Provide them with the insights, tools, lessons, and network to fully embrace digital disruption and become leading corporate innovators. These newly minted new venture/innovation advocates head home with a set of tools, a sense of urgency, and a plan to teach and provoke their team/department to actively support new ventures as they incubate, launch, accelerate and scale.
(Coming Soon)
Experience our live masterclasses delivered online for your internal entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, and department disruptors to learn on-demand.