Disrupting InsideOut™
An intense, four-day sprint of Silicon Valley innovation and ingenuity that starts with visits to venture capital firms, startups, peers, and domain experts. It ends with a New Venture Blitz, focused on synthesizing insights and generating actionable plans.
New Venture Blitz
A hands-on, action-oriented, design-thinking experience that provides client teams with a challenge, framework, set of lenses, practices, interactions, insights, and methods that help them explore and define new customer-centered products and services ready to incubate into disruptive new ventures.
New Venture Competition
Challenge your next-generation of intrapreneurs with a company-wide venture plan competition.

Frame a challenge, define guidelines, launch the competition, host a pitch day, select winners to incubate, enjoy the energy, repeat!
Bring your team of intrapreneurs to Silicon Valley, Boston, or San Francisco to create, build, and launch new ventures in 12 weeks using lean startup and customer development methods to validate customer pain, understand the product vision, identify the MVP, build the business model, and prepare a go-forward execution plan.

Active mothership management by Mach49 and your own New Venture Board ensures startups reach escape velocity.
Incubate at home or at a location, time zone, or geography relevant to the customer base of the new venture.

Teams start in a Mach49 office of their choosing for training, planning, and inspiration with Mach49 and experts in the Mach49 innovation ecosystem. Teams then return to their “home base” with remote coaching and support from our team, making return visits to the Mach49 office for product design and feasibility, and business and execution planning.
Grow Your Venture
Mach49 will provide continued support and mentoring to launch the venture — including support to develop the MVP, run pilots, find product/market fit, establish a scalable technical architecture, recruit additional talent, assist with go-to-market plans, close first customers, and understand market and unit economics — ultimately creating a self-sufficient team with the talent and experience to scale the new venture.
Develop Venture Advocates Inside the Mothership
We’ll make sure the mothership is prepared to act with the sense of urgency and agility required to ensure your new venture can reach escape velocity. We believe that at least one person in each department must be empowered to be the go-to person for your new ventures. The goal is to identify those individuals in each department who can make exceptions to the standard rules and procedures to keep your startup accelerating.
Digital Playbook
A browser-based, online playbook and “how-to” guide that equips your intrapreneurs and other key stakeholders with the skills, methods, tools, and exercises to develop new disruptive ventures.
Build Your Own Incubator
Mach49 can help you design, launch, and manage your own incubator in Silicon Valley or back home.

Develop the internal talent and tools to ideate, incubate, and accelerate on your own. We also provide access to the Silicon Valley and global Mach49 innovation ecosystem, expert network, programs, and events.