Disrupting OutsideIn™
Design, launch, and operate a world-class VC group. Get the design right at the mothership and learn to be a real VC.
Design a World-Class CVC Fund
Mach49 will help you design, launch, and manage a world-class corporate venture unit — augmenting the capabilities of your existing talent and providing our experience, expertise, real-time knowledge, network, and deep ecosystem access to raise your visibility, build credibility, and bring you inside Silicon Valley’s “walled garden” to ensure success.
Launch and Operate the Fund
Once ready to launch, Mach49 moves into execution mode, pairing your corporate venture leader with a real VC who will act as your team’s shadow partner for a year, providing unique access to Silicon Valley and helping the group operate as a Silicon Valley VC.
Operational support includes:
Silicon Valley immersion and networking, including providing timely and relevant introductions to key players in the Silicon Valley ecosystem
Ongoing mothership investment board support
Recruiting your new venture fund team
Pre-Investment activities, for example, sourcing/reviewing prospective investments, assessing financial vs. strategic value, determining product/market fit
Investment activities including due diligence, term sheets, subsequent rounds of funding, pricing negotiations
Post-Investment activities such as board member coaching, access to relevant resources, exits: M&A, IPO, spin-in, wind down
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