Mach49 Drives Growth for the G1000 in Europe

Helping global companies disrupt existing markets and create new ones at Silicon Valley speed.

We power new innovation, partnering with leading global businesses to solve the world's most pressing problems.

We unleash growth for large businesses in major industries worldwide.

We’re co-founders not consultants. A highly successful team of entrepreneurs, C-suite executives, and venture capitalists, we have deep expertise and operating experience. We focus exclusively on execution with a robust, scalable, and repeatable method for new venture creation, enabling large global business to disrupt markets and create new ones.

Build Your Growth Engine

Launch Disruptive Ventures

Leverage your internal talent, customers, and assets to build disruptive new ventures in 12 weeks. And we’ll be there to accelerate and scale your new businesses in the marketplace.

Build a World-Class Startup Factory

Design and operate an internal incubator and accelerator that continuously delivers a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures. Institutionalize growth inside your organization.

Be a Smart Corporate Investor

Design and manage a top-tier CVC fund, improve the performance of your Executive Investment Committee, and maximize the partnership value of external startups.

Our clients

“As an always-on adviser, Paul Holland taught me to think rigorously about new market opportunities, so I could execute like a venture capitalist within a large global company, while delivering TDK value to entrepreneurs."
— Nicolas Sauvage, Managing Director TDK Ventures


What Mach49 can do for you

We partner with global businesses to disrupt markets and create new growth opportunities. Focused exclusively on execution, and with a unique approach to venture building and investing, we are fueled by decades of Silicon Valley experience.

“We’re building an engine for growth. We have no intention of getting disrupted but every intention of being the disruptor, leveraging all the gifts we have as a large company — ideas, talent, brand, resources, technology, channels, global reach, and customers.”

— TDK Ventures
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