Corporate Growth Accelerator Mach49 Expands EU and UK Presence

September 14, 2021

Today, Mach49, the growth accelerator for global businesses, announced additional expansion in Europe to support client momentum and executive team growth. Experienced entrepreneur and strategic leader Nils Beers joins the team as Accelerate Executive in Residence, and global corporate executive Balint Kelen joins as Vice President of Business Development and Client Relationships, EMEA. As part of this ongoing expansion, Mach49 recently added to its London presence by adding an office in Amsterdam to further support the growing base of U.K. and EU clients, including TDK Corporation; Schneider Electric; Pernod Ricard; Shell; SGS; Hitachi; and others.

“Mach49 is expanding our footprint to help meet the region’s need for hyper growth and Global 1000-led disruptive innovation. Nils Beers and Balint Kelen add to our team of successful serial entrepreneurs, top-tier VCs, and C-suite executives who have collectively created over $50 billion in market value in companies we have invested in, created, managed, or built. It’s no secret the European corporate ecosystem is on an upswing, and European companies have the resources, ideas, talent, and customer base to beat the startups at their own game to drive meaningful growth,” said Linda Yates, Founder and CEO of Mach49.  

Companies around the world are waking up to the need to build their own Growth Engines. Mach49 helps equip them with the four arrows they need in their growth engine quiver: 

  • A Venture Factory to create, build, and launch a portfolio of ventures generated from within, able to handle the spectrum of new venture creation — Ideate, Incubate, Accelerate, Scale
  • Venture Investing, including designing and managing corporate venture capital (CVC) funds
  • Strategic Partnering with startups
  • Tactical M&A to help augment and accelerate ventures companies invest in and/or build.

With a 100% focus on execution and a 90% success rate, a key part of the venture building process is Mach49’s Accelerate work. During Accelerate, Mach49 continues to partner with a client’s core team following the incubation phase to launch the venture into the market to ensure it achieves product/market fit, gets to first revenue, and removes the greatest amount of risk on the least amount of capital. Beers will lead the Accelerate practice in Europe from Amsterdam. Beers brings nearly two decades of experience building startups, developing strategic partnerships, and driving growth. Prior to his role at Mach49, Beers was the co-founder and CEO of Techleap.NL, the accelerator of the Dutch tech ecosystem.  

“While the European tech ecosystem may be maturing, European companies, big and small, have historically been on the decline. The reason is simple — they’ve lost the ability to innovate at the speed needed to remain competitive. I’m thrilled to join Mach49 and build future-ready European companies,” said Beers. 

To further propel Mach49’s growth trajectory, Kelen will serve as the VP of Business Development and Client Relationships, helping senior executives seize the Mothership advantage to support their new ventures to ensure that their companies become the disruptors — not the disrupted. Previously, Kelen held roles with IBM, Wayfair, The Boston Consulting Group, among others, and brings years of experience in digital transformation, scaling customer-driven businesses and organizational excellence with a focus on execution. Kelen is based in London.

“I joined Mach49 to be a part of the European corporate renaissance and help companies master the ability to disrupt their markets and create new ones at Silicon Valley speed. There’s a huge opportunity to bring the entrepreneurial spirit back to Europe and to all our large corporations,” concluded Kelen.