Mach49 Founder and CEO, Linda Yates, releases new book, "The Unicorn Within: How Companies Can Create Game-Changing New Ventures at Startup Speed"

October 11, 2022

Mach49, the leading growth incubator for global businesses, announces the upcoming release of the book The Unicorn Within: How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed, authored by its founder and CEO, Linda Yates. Harvard Business Review (HBR) Press will publish the book on October 25, 2022.

It's become accepted wisdom that established companies can't build and scale new ventures the way startups can—after all, startups are lean and agile, while incumbents are too big, slow, and inflexible. But that's nonsense, and Yates' book challenges that idea.

Inside every company is a portfolio of game-changing new ventures waiting to be unleashed.

In The Unicorn Within, Yates argues that in order to thrive, companies can and must harness their power—their ideas, talent, data, cash, resources, channels, and customers—to build a portfolio of game-changing ventures to drive meaningful growth for their companies, their clients, their team members, their shareholders, their communities and, yes, even the world.

In this all-in-one guide, Yates lays out a comprehensive 12-week program, proven in scores of the world's largest companies, for sourcing great new venture ideas; finding customer pain points; creating new products or services; developing a rigorous business and execution plan; and accelerating each funded venture—ultimately achieving product-market fit, customer delight, and new sources of revenue.

She also shares a blueprint for building your own incubator and accelerator—your own growth engine—along with a plan for seizing the "Mothership" advantage, the core competencies, assets, customers, capabilities, experience, and other resources that differentiate your ventures from even the most well-funded startups.

Yates offers a guide relevant to everyone, from the growth-minded C-suite senior executive to the ambitious, creative intrapreneur, as she covers everything from selecting your new-venture team to creating a new-venture board—the senior executives who become the venture's internal VCs, helping to remove institutional friction and ensuring that every venture can reach escape velocity and thrive.

Focused 100% on execution, the book is filled with methods, assessments, tools, scripts, agendas, and striking visuals that illustrate every step. The Unicorn Within provides everything even the most established company needs to create high-growth ventures that deliver compelling new products and services—and stay perpetually competitive in the face of relentless change.

The Unicorn Within is available for purchase across all booksellers. Learn more at

About Linda Yates

Linda Yates is the founder and CEO of Mach49, the growth incubator for global businesses, with clients including Goodyear, Gundersen Health, Hitachi, Pernod Ricard, Schneider Electric, Shell, TDK, and many more.

She is a seasoned CEO and board member with over 30 years of experience bridging Silicon Valley and the Global 1000, creating global strategy, building companies, and driving growth and innovation for large multinationals around the world.

A native of Silicon Valley, Yates spent a decade as a member of the Board of Directors for NYSE-traded Sybase Inc. (now SAP) and has been a board member and advisor to many entrepreneurs and private companies. Yates was previously CEO of Strategos, pioneering the field of Corporate Innovation with Co-Founder and Chairman, Professor Gary Hamel.

Yates has extensive global experience, having lived, worked, or traveled to over 70 countries. She is a Henry Crown Fellow with the Aspen Institute.

The Unicorn Within: How Companies Can Create Game-Changing Ventures at Startup Speed, published by HBR Press, is Yates' first book.

About Mach49

Mach49 partners with global businesses to drive a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures and investments that disrupt existing markets and create new ones. Linda Yates and her team work with clients to deliver the essential features of a successful growth engine: Venture Building, Venture Investing, Strategic Partnering, and Targeted M&A.

The company is a unique cadre of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and C-suite executives who have collectively generated over $50B in market value over their operating careers in companies they've invested in, managed, created, or built. Mach49 is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in Redwood City, Boston, London, and Amsterdam. Learn more about how Mach49 helps the Global 1000 seize the Mothership advantage and unleash their unicorns within by visiting