AJ Gleser
Lead CX Designer / Researcher

A visionary, technology-savvy designer, AJ specializes in building the digital foundation of the future. As a Lead CX Designer / Researcher for the Incubate practice, AJ enables global corporations to develop groundbreaking solutions to complex problems through customer-centered design practices and research.

Before joining Mach49, AJ served as Creative Director for a boutique digital media agency in Germany, where he founded and developed the in-house UX design team. There, he established himself as a highly effective leader of multidisciplinary, culturally diverse teams. Guided by curiosity and critical thinking, AJ relentlessly pushes himself and others outside of their comfort zones, empowering teams to develop innovative products and services with supreme user value and the ability to disrupt the market.

AJ holds a BA in design from the Hochschule München University of Applied Science and a master’s degree in digital design from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.