AJ Lovewins
Senior Video Producer

AJ brings over 20 years of digital storytelling and production expertise to Mach49 to help drive global business initiatives and company culture, including championing Mach49’s founding altruistic mission to help global businesses solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

In addition to his work with Mach49, AJ is an independent writer, director, and producer through his company Light Venture Films. He continues to produce projects in Los Angeles — including several currently in development — and is also an author, photographer, and the founder of a nonprofit serving the homeless.

He is the original Producer and Screenwriter of the full-length feature film “The Bang Bang Club,” about 4 South African war photographers following the country’s first all-race presidential election.

AJ has contributed to countless projects throughout his career, for companies including ForaTV, Jet Blue, ABC News, Enterprise, Schneider Electric, Google, Accenture Labs, Shell, TDK, GCV, TechInclusion, Genentech, Dolby Labs, Pernod Ricard, 24 Hour Fitness, and several television and streaming platforms.

His ability to imagine, innovate, and cultivate new approaches to storytelling has contributed heavily to his successes, furthered by his genuine interest in working with and helping others in meaningful ways.