Allen King
Head of Thought Leadership Marketing / Mach49 Media Network

A former C-suite executive, Allen understands how to execute the rapid growth new businesses need to not just compete in, but successfully disrupt, markets. His marketing savvy motivates his use of customer data and evolving technology beyond product development, to strengthen brand awareness, engagement, and customer retention. He develops and implements processes and tools that ensure alignment across departments, so companies can accomplish short-term objectives on their way to long-term success.

Allen previously served as the Director of Backstage Capital’s Venture Fund, raising $15M+ across portfolio companies in under 6 months. He was also a founding partner and Chief Product Officer for JetSense.AI, an AI-powered conversational marketing platform from which he built the first chatbot for the NFL and partnered with UCLA to create a first-in-class student retention communications platform. Prior to this, he served as Marketing Director for Bank of America Merill Lynch, where he developed a business roadmap that helped the company achieve a $75M+ annual revenue target as well as subscriber retention targets. He also spent time leading the marketing efforts at Calvin Klein, Kate Spade and Annodyne, Inc., optimizing the design and performance of clients’ marketing campaigns focusing on implementing testing and analysis systems to support ongoing learning and development, and identifying technological improvements to increase campaign efficiency and revenue.

Allen builds and mentors teams that acquire early customers and consistently innovates to improve user experience and outcomes through digital communications, data analysis, and artificial intelligence as he continues to create a roadmap for automation and human-centered design.