Ashley Darar

New Venture Director

Ashley has spent her career solving problems in ambiguous business environments. She is curious about the world and loves deep diving into different industries, identifying macro growth drivers and helping build innovative companies that solve global challenges. Ashley has worked with companies in different life stages from pre-seed, Series A, Series B, through startup acquisition, private equity backed, and Fortune 500 companies. As Mach49’s New Venture Director, Ashley works with clients to understand key industry pain points to ideate and launch new ventures from within their organizations. 

Prior to joining Mach49, Ashley worked with early-stage startup founders in the Fintech and home health care space helping create the company’s strategic and operational plans, identifying growth opportunities and executing on those by running successful customer pilots. Prior to early stage startups, Ashley worked in management consulting for FTI Consulting and Ernst & Young. 

She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics at Emory University. In her downtime, Ashley loves fitness training and real estate investing.

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