Atif Hussein


Atif is a serial intrapreneur and innovative business leader with over 20 years of product and engineering experience. While Atif has led high performing teams at Oracle, Nokia, and Intel, he has also founded startups from ideas written down on the back of a napkin. Atif’s belief in the problem he is trying to solve has led him to quit his corporate career multiple times and start his NewCo at the nearest coffee shop, armed with sharpie pens and a notebook.

It's that type of disruptive thinking that makes Atif a great fit at Mach49 as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

Atif has deep knowledge of the Mobile Industry and has held executive-level product and engineering positions, starting at Seven Networks where he implemented a mobile messaging SaaS service for Telco’s around the world. At Nokia, he successfully bundled mobile messaging into every handset sold in the supply chain. At the Internet of Things Strategy Group for Intel, Atif identified, incubated, and launched a (5G Cat-M) tracking device for the global supply chain.

Atif’s last startup was an innovative brand marketing platform to close the loop on 1:1 marketing using mobile payments and “riding” the existing credit card rails. This all started with a pain he personally experienced where he needed to constantly transfer money to his children’s nanny for small purchases. Although the pain was real the market was too small, and the pivot to brand marketers was something his company stumbled upon during an incubation!

Atif holds a BSc (honors) from LeedsMetropolitan University, UK.

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