Brad Sharek

Managing Partner/CMO

Brad Sharek has over 25 years of experience helping Silicon Valley technology startups bring innovative products and services to market. Brad's work includes the design of world-class corporate ID, UI/UX, mobile app development, product management, startup fundraising pitch development, and digital marketing strategy.

As a partner at Strategos, Brad served as the business and technical architect for a suite of Internet-enabled tools for G1000 clients. Brad designed and delivered innovation management, group brainstorming, distance learning, and community building solutions that enhanced the client experience.

As co-founder and CEO of abeama, Brad raised $2M of venture funding and led the development of one of the first mobile marketing platforms.

In addition to abeama, Brad was a key contributor at several successful Silicon Valley startups: Excelan (first company to commercialize the TCP/IP protocol stack across all major OS platforms, product line led to acquisition by Novell for $200M); CE Software (beat Microsoft in the Mac email market with a 70% market share); Starfish Software (connected devices and software — helped drive sale to Motorola for $300M); Codenomicon (world-class, Finnish networking software and protocol security company).

Brad attended UC Berkeley and holds a BS in Business Economics from UC Santa Barbara.