Brianna Larson-Jackson
CX Designer / Researcher

Brianna is an interdisciplinary designer with a strong background in visual storytelling, design thinking, and UX / UI research. As a CX Designer / Researcher, she partners with Mach49’s clients to turn stellar ideas into actionable ventures, using her expertise in ethical and inclusive design. 

She spent the first 6 years of her career at the nonprofit Homestretch, Inc., where her experience managing relationships with consulting firms, corporations, and other nonprofits exposed her to the complex terrain every business must navigate in the pursuit of disruptive growth. She became passionate about telling brand stories in ways that connect with stakeholders, differentiate companies in saturated markets, and generate revenue. Now, she helps businesses build customer-centered ventures with tremendous growth potential.

Brianna holds a BA in psychology from Gordon College and is currently working towards her MA in design management and communications at Georgetown University.