Caleb Tan

UX Designer / Researcher

Caleb is a multidisciplinary researcher and designer whose work is entrenched in human experience and maximizing human potential. He possesses a strong design-thinking sensibility, adding value to venture building teams by contributing his knowledge and experience with a range of UX research methodologies that help identify empathetic solutions to address real-world pains.

Having lived in both the US and Singapore, Caleb’s cross-cultural experiences empower his skilled communication with stakeholders and team members across the globe. One of his biggest strengths is his passion for innovation, which has sparked aspirations to identify untapped problem spaces, expand the growth potential of global businesses, and level social disparities in the technology space by designing solutions that are equitable and accessible.

Caleb’s work fuses science and creativity, using data to inform compelling, engaging designs, and draws upon his past experience in conducting research and writing whitepapers, as well as contributing creative work for TV production. Caleb holds a MS in human-centered design and engineering from the University of Washington and a BA in psychology from the University of San Francisco. 

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