Chelsea Heath
Product Designer

Chelsea is a dynamic, highly-skilled visual thinker with a knack for fusing human perspectives into all facets of design. Her core expertise spans across UI / UX, visual design, branding, and emerging technologies such as XR and AI. She has a keen eye for crafting sophisticated solutions that resonate with both B2B and B2C customer needs for digital products. Chelsea's approach is rooted in a deep understanding of users' values and emotions, enabling her to create impactful product experiences that truly resonate with users.

Drawing from her diverse experience as a Creative Lead, Visual Designer, and Product Designer, Chelsea has honed her skills in various sectors, including gaming, e-commerce, and technology. These experiences have equipped her with an entrepreneurial spirit and an innate understanding of startup dynamics, particularly from her role at Mach49 — where she played a critical part in customer development and design. Chelsea is proficient in collaborating cross-functionally to build ventures from the ground up.

Currently, Chelsea channels her multifaceted talent and startup expertise into her role with 2401. She is passionate about conceptualizing and scaling transformative SaaS products, and thrives at the intersection of creativity, design thinking, and user insights, which she leverages to drive product innovation.

Away from her professional life, Chelsea is an adventurer at heart with an active lifestyle, filled with skiing, sailing, mountain-biking, and more. She holds a BFA cum laude from the University of Michigan and is a lifelong learner, constantly exploring cutting-edge technologies. Whether planning her next road trip or working on her next project, Chelsea embodies a spirit of exploration and innovation in everything she does.