Christopher Young
Accelerate Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Christopher’s contagious entrepreneurial spirit inspires and motivates teams, as he lends expertise developed through a decade of experience both launching and growing ventures in which technology is a strategic component. He’s well-versed in all the ins and outs of startups, having started his career by founding Async Interview, an SaaS technology that reduced employers’ time-to-hire through video interviewing and interview scheduling systems. 

He managed every facet of the business, from conducting customer interviews to designing and building the technology, developing the go-to-market strategy, and overseeing marketing and sales. After 5 years of growth, Async Interview was acquired by RIVS and Christopher was brought on as VP of Marketing and Healthcare Accounts. He led RIVS through 2 additional acquisitions before selling the parent company to private equity firm, Clovis Point Capital. In 2019, after joining Gopuff, Christopher led unified growth initiatives across digital acquisition, CRM, and local marketing, resulting in over 100 new locations and a $15B valuation in over 1,000 cities. 

Christopher has an MBA and a BS in finance and entrepreneurship from Drexel University, where he occasionally returns to teach courses in entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.