Dee Kwok
Customer Research Expert

Dee is a disruptive business development and marketing strategist with expertise in UX customer development and design. At Mach49, she leads CD and Design teams through international incubations and serves as a mentor in disruptive thinking.

With more than 18 years of communications, air transport solutions, information technology, digital marketing, and market research experience in the Asia Pacific region, Dee has worn many hats throughout her career and brings a nuanced multicultural perspective to her work. Previously, Dee used her “serial-preneur” spirit to kickstart a digital agency in Malaysia that captured the early markets of digital advertising in the online marketplace, and later made waves developing actionable research programs in China.

Dee holds a BA in Mass Communications from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. In addition to earning a Disruptive Strategy certification from the Harvard Business School, Dee completed the Harvard Law School’s Program in Negotiation. She currently mentors young graduates through the Australia China Alumni Association Mentor Program, and enjoys guiding and inspiring their journeys toward positive career development.