Drew McInnes
Venture Builder

Drew is a pioneer and coach with a passion for taking risks on and with people to help teams reach their full potential. As a Venture Builder, he encourages others to challenge themselves as well as the limits of creativity and innovation. He builds confidence and trust in every team he mentors, strengthening their execution and expanding their growth capabilities along the way. 

With over 20 years of experience in venture building, Drew has co-led 10 New Venture Teams and advised countless corporations as they struggled to transition from plans for innovation to real execution. He spent time at EatWith, Facebook, Kixeye, OutSmart Power Systems, UBS Investment Bank, Wilson Solarpower, Uzeema, and Zynga, among other companies, where he pioneered human-centered approaches to architect project breakthroughs, leading to disruptive products with profitable business plans. 

As an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Bionic and Banco Santander, Drew mentored companies in every phase of venture building, through incubations and accelerations, across a breadth of industries, within Motherships and as standalone enterprises. 

Drew brings a clear and focused vision to every project, supported by his analytical approach to problem solving and his application of lean startup and customer development principles. He holds a BS in finance from La Salle University, an MGA in teamwork and leadership from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship from MIT.