Emily Yang

Senior Customer Development and UX Researcher

As a senior UX Researcher, she is adept at user interviews, sense-making, and synthesizing insights. She is also a patient coach who has successfully trained stakeholders in design thinking methods. She feels accomplished when stakeholders embrace user-centricity and take users’ points-of-view into account while making key decisions. In her last role at Standard Chartered, her UX research and design contribution increased user satisfaction of an HR enterprise platform by 60% in nine months and the program culminated in a 1st runner-up in HR Awards 2019.

Originally from Singapore, Emily grew up exposed to many cultures while living in different cities, giving her an awareness that she weaves into everything she does. She is experienced at working with diversity and enjoys collaborating with business, design, and tech — working toward a common goal. She gets a lot of joy from helping and seeing others become successful.

Emily holds a MPhil of Engineering in Technology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. She has published multiple peer-reviewed research papers on Virtual Agent Design and Technology and is a member of the ACM-CHI community. She was first trained in design thinking at Stanford d.school.

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