Gary Clarke

A serial C-suite executive with over 20 years of startup operating experience, Gary mentors teams on strategic startup management, including mitigating inherent complexity and ambiguity with unwavering resilience.

He began his career as a commercial pilot, then served in Army Special Operations. Having transitioned from active to reserve duty at the dawn of the browser wars, Gary then found himself shaping the commercial internet at some of the definitive companies of the era, including Spry, Netscape Communications, USinternetworking, Amazon, and WolframAlpha. In pursuit of a holistic understanding of tech businesses, he gained experience across every function, from business development and finance to engineering and operations.  

Gary quickly began founding his own businesses, in addition to leading VC and family office-backed startups in advanced materials, biotechnology, PEM fuel cells, and enterprise SaaS through multiple stages and transactions. As CEO, he led HY9 Corporation — a clean energy startup — and Trelar — a construction logistics marketplace — to a successful exit and acquisition, respectively. He also recently helped raise $14M in funding for startups Chattr.Ai, Triple Bristle, and, Inc.

Gary graduated from the US Army JFK Special Warfare School and holds a BS in sociology from the College of Charleston as well as a PMD from Harvard Business School. He is also an FAA-licensed commercial pilot, with an MEIIL rating.