Joanna Guo

UI Design

Joanna is a Product Designer with background in Graphic design. Joanna has worked with start up and midsize companies ranging from entertainment,  e-commerce, to communication. Specialize in using simplistic design to present complicated functions in Visual Design, UX/UI, and Web Development.

She is good at working in cross-disciplinary environments and collaborating with product manager, developers, and team designers to optimize product usability that meets everyone’s expectations. Her unique and comprehensive approach method in each product allows her to gain better holistic perspective for great user satisfaction. Joanna is also a hackathon enthusiast, and she has been participating with big and small hackathon host by NASA, Paypal, and Intel. She and her team won the First Place in 2016 PayPal Opportunity Hacks as an UX/UI designer.

Joanna holds an BFA in Digital Media Design from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. General Assembly graduate in User Experience Design Immersive and Front-End Web development.