John Davidson
2401 Product Lead

John is a tenacious, highly focused product manager with experience building teams and delivering products at startups, large corporations, and startups within large corporations. A problem solver by nature, he operates at the corner of enthusiasm and skepticism, believing we don’t know anything until the customer tells us and anything we build can be improved upon.

Before joining Mach49, he worked at Granular, a subsidiary of Corteva, building products to help farmers better manage all aspects of their operations on a global scale. He is passionate about B2B and B2B2C products and spent time as a digital product leader in energy, finance, and agriculture. He also directed the product management team at Capitol One’s San Francisco innovation lab, sourcing and validating intrapreneurial venture concepts.

John holds a bachelor’s degree in geography from Dartmouth College and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. When he’s not working, he plays guitar, practices yoga, backpacks, and builds furniture.