Julie Price
Customer Experience Methodology

Julie leverages 20 years of invaluable experience working closely with customers to help companies determine the right products to build, bearing in mind the complex psychology of their users. As an expert in CX methodology, she leads New Venture Teams in engaging new technologies and navigating the counterintuitive nature of people's preferences, to prevent businesses from building faster horses.

In her time as a usability specialist, Julie honed her unmatched ability to extract and interpret user input. She created product development teams and processes built around creative strategies to maintain team momentum and stimulate constant iteration. Later, she served as Director of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships at SC Studios — Standard Chartered Bank’s Silicon Valley innovation lab — before joining Mach49 to design the firm’s customer development process, which she manages globally today.

Julie earned her MBA in marketing and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is still involved with the program as a regular presenter and coach to student entrepreneurs in the Executive MBA Program in San Francisco.