Julie Price

VP Customer Research & Development

Julie has spent 20 years helping companies of all sizes determine the right products to build bearing in mind the complex psychology of their users and customers. Julie has helped innovation teams collaborate with new technologies as a product generalist, although the bulk of her expertise is in navigating the counterintuitive nature of people's preferences, aiming to stop companies from building faster horses. 

Since 1999, Julie has focused on UX design and user research with an eye towards creative methods to quickly move projects forward with reliable user input. She has created teams and their processes to keep companies moving forward quickly and nimbly during all stages of the product development process. Julie has worked across industries on everything from B2C products with millions of users to B2B products with a variety of distinct stakeholders.   

Julie received her MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School and is still involved with the program, presenting regularly and coaching student entrepreneurs in the Executive MBA Program in San Francisco.

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