Mariah Ore
CX Designer / Researcher

Mariah is a skilled communicator and devoted team player with a strong belief in the importance of creating holistic, human-first experiences. As a CX Designer / Researcher, she combines critical analysis with a creative, action-oriented mindset to help develop innovations that have the power to disrupt markets and improve lives.

A seasoned storyteller, Mariah worked as a copywriter for 6 years prior to joining Mach49. As Lead of Messaging for HalfLyte Digital, she oversaw all content strategy and helped lead the company to a successful acquisition. Her work with information architecture drew her into the UX space, which she chose to pursue by studying human factors at Bentley University. While working in the renowned Bentley University User Experience Center, Mariah conducted qualitative and quantitative research for global clients in both English and Spanish, and became a passionate advocate for linguistic and cultural accessibility. 

In addition to an MS in human factors in information design from Bentley University, Mariah holds a BA in creative writing and literature from the University of Montana.