Marissa Naraghi

UX Designer/Researcher

Marissa is a creative thinker with a talent for extracting and understanding genuine customer pain in order to drive human-centered approaches to build thoughtful, innovative solutions. As a UX Designer and Researcher, her inquisitive, collaborative nature stimulates team discussions and provokes strategic insights.

Marissa led projects for Wescover and Meals on Wheels designing efficient, intuitive technology to increase engagement and efficiency. She conducted multiple rounds of interviews to gauge pains and potential, and ultimately produced high-fidelity prototypes more responsive to user needs than existing assets. Marissa also served as a coordinator for nonprofit Public Works Group, which she credits with inspiring her passions for people and improving the systems they rely on.

Marissa received a BA in Diplomacy and World Affairs at Occidental College and a certificate in User Experience Design from General Assembly.

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