Matthieu Bodin

New Venture Director

Matthieu is devoted to the art and science of perfecting environments where early stage ventures can thrive. Having worked at startups, innovation firms, and large companies, he knows first hand the explosive growth that results when you combine a startup mentality with the talent and resources of a large company. As Mach49’s New Venture Director, Matthieu operates alongside client teams with a focus on execution, leveraging their existing strengths to drive meaningful value and growth. 

Prior to joining Mach49, Matthieu was the COO of geoFluxus, a CleanTech startup. He lived in Greater China for nine years, where he led corporate innovation projects at XNode and Techstars. He worked with clients at Apple, INFINITI, Jardine Matheson, L'Oreal, Mandarin Oriental, Mass Transit Railway, PwC, Scania, Siemens, and United Nations Development Programme. Matthieu continues to be an active participant in the tech ecosystem, developing communities via Techstars Startup Weekend, Hackathons, accelerator coaching, LaFrenchTech, mentoring, public speaking, and more.

Currently, Matthieu lives in the Netherlands with his wife and daughter. When he’s not working with client teams, Matthieu enjoys reading, running, and practicing mindfulness.

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