Minh Vu
CX Researcher

Passionate about giving all businesses, large and small, the same opportunity to create disruptive growth, Minh ensures New Venture Teams keep the customer at the center of their innovation. As a CX Researcher, he helps facilitate user testing by sourcing and recruiting the customers whose perspectives and experiences inform the teams’ product design. 

Minh began his career in customer service before starting his own business — an e-commerce apparel store. After transitioning into UX / UI design, he led a team of designers at financial services startup, BeaMe Communications, to create a PoS app for merchants in Cape Verde. Working in a fast-paced, agile startup environment, Minh honed his design thinking, project management, and strategic alignment capabilities.   

Minh holds a certificate in UX design from General Assembly, in addition to an AA degree and certificate in business from the Community College of Aurora.