Sarah Bond

Sarah is a creative and analytical all-rounder with a keen eye for detail. Able to skillfully switch hats at a moment’s notice, she expertly brings clarity to ambiguous situations and identifies efficient solutions to the most complex problems.

Leveraging her past experience in business development, research, design, and product within the retail and tech startup spaces, Sarah guides clients through the delivery of well-executed business strategies and highly accessible customer-centric products with concrete business value. Born in London, raised in Sierra Leone and Lebanon, and a long-time resident of the UK, she offers a global perspective and insight into foreign markets to clients’ innovation initiatives.

Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and business studies from the American University of Beirut as well as a degree in art and design from the Wimbledon School of Art. In her free time, she loves diving and empowering young adults by creating greater access to higher education.