Satomi Hoshi
UX Designer / Researcher

Satomi is a UX practitioner with a notable background in industrial products and services. As part of Mach49’s APAC team, Satomi employs user-centric design principles, an analytical mind, and broad knowledge of innovative technological tools to empower clients to create value-generating products. 

In her previous role at a Japanese tech firm, Satomi led teams of multidisciplinary experts to conceive, design, test, and launch cutting-edge solutions worth over $16M. She enjoys facilitating the creation of meaningful experiences for customers, who are always at the heart of her projects. Having been raised in the US and trained in Japan, Satomi skillfully melds her creative curiosity and entrepreneurial spirit, ignited in Silicon Valley, with the diligence, active listening, and minimalistic design practices she honed while immersed in Japanese culture.

Satomi holds a master’s degree from the Tokyo Institute of Technology and a UX certificate from the Nielsen Norman Group. In her free time, she is passionate about contributing to the UX community, occasionally hosting workshops for peer practitioners.