Shauna Arora

UI/UX Design Expert

Shauna’s background in Psychology, Research, and Marketing has given her a true appreciation for the UX process in its entirety. She has conducted analytical research in topics including neurology, resilience factors, and acculturation in order to understand human motivation from different vantage points. She has a deep understanding for the importance of informed research in her personal and professional life and she utilizes this interdisciplinary background to craft minimalistic, user–centric designs.

Although originally beginning her career in marketing, Shauna was drawn to the holistic approach of the UX process. At Mach49, she uses both a creative and analytical lens to help teams from Fortune 1000 companies hone their own UX skills and launch new ventures.

Shauna attended Elon University where she focused on Psychology and Marketing. She also studied UX design at General Assembly’s User Experience Design Immersive program in Boston.

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