Grace Diida
Research Analyst, Venture Investing

Grace is an analytical strategist with a background in IT laws and policy and experience in the venture capital space. At Mach49, she performs deep-dive qualitative and quantitative analyses to support the Venture Investing practice’s external venturing team, whose clients include strategic partners and venture capital funds launched by corporations, family offices, and government entities.

Previously, Grace worked as a researcher at the Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, where she explored the impact of global policies on innovation and economic development. In addition to her role at Mach49, she leads growth and strategy efforts for INCMMN, an advertising agency she co-founded in 2020.

She holds a BA in law from Strathmore Law School and a Master of Laws from Cornell Tech, where she specialized in law, technology, and entrepreneurship and researched innovation in the banking sector. Originally from Kenya, Grace is a native Swahili and Borana speaker, an avid traveler, reader, writer, and foodie, and a caretaker to her 2 cats, affectionately called “the voids.”