What We Do
We help you create, disrupt and own new markets by Disrupting InsideOut™ and Disrupting OutsideIn™, while Developing More Disruptors™ inside your organization.
Disrupting InsideOut™
Bring your team of intrapreneurs to Silicon Valley, Boston, or San Francisco to create, build, and launch new ventures in 12 weeks.
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Disrupting OutsideIn™
Design, launch, and operate a world-class VC group. Get the design right at the mothership and learn to be a real VC.
Corporate venturingEXPLORE
Developing More Disruptors™
For intrapreneurs and innovation leaders, simulate the 12-week incubation process in 5 days — or for department disruptors, learn to proactively support new ventures as they incubate, launch, accelerate, and scale.
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