Drive Growth Through Venture Investing, Strategic Partnerships, and Targeted M&A

Design and Manage a World-Class Investment Fund

Access the top startups and VCs in Silicon Valley and across the globe so you can quickly seize the best investment opportunities.

Map the Market and Industry Ecosystem

Develop a thesis, assess domains of interest, and define options for investment, acquisition, and partnerships.

Leverage and Optimize Strategic Partnerships

Utilize open innovation to develop commercial agreements and maximize partnerships with startups, with or without a capital investment.

Optimize a Targeted M&A Strategy

Enhance your M&A strategy and effectiveness to accelerate and augment your growth initiatives. Learn to successfully integrate startups so new ventures thrive inside the Mothership.

Think and Execute Like a Silicon Valley Insider

An extremely experienced team of Mach49 Investment Partners, Experts-in-Residence, and Analysts will help you design your CVC fund, seize your Mothership advantage, become a top-tier VC, and enjoy being a highly connected member of the Silicon Valley and global startup ecosystem.

We help executives use corporate venturing to:

  • Eliminate or absorb competition
  • Capture financial returns
  • Reduce R&D and M&A risk
  • Gather knowledge and insights on emerging technologies, business models, and other trends
  • Facilitate horizontal expansion into new markets
  • Expedite vertical expansion in the supply chain
  • Diversify and expand their portfolios

What the Disruptors Are Saying

“The mistakes that most corporate VCs make is to try to learn the job without any guidance. Mach49 helped us understand which details really matter versus which ones don’t. We ended up with a corporate VC design that can actually be trusted and relied upon by the full VC ecosystem.

Nicolas Sauvage
Nicolas Sauvage
President, TDK Ventures, Inc.

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