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Mach49 partners with global businesses to create a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures and investments that disrupt existing markets and create new ones. We work with our clients to deliver the essential features of a successful growth engine: Venture Building, Venture Investing, Strategic Partnering, and Targeted M&A.

Build. Invest. Partner. Buy.

Venture Building

Incubate, launch, and accelerate new ventures at startup speed. Build a startup factory that will institutionalize and scale growth for decades to come.


Venture Investing

Expertly invest in external startups, maximize strategic partnerships, and target your M&A to augment and accelerate your innovation, driving growth in new and adjacent markets.


See the Mach49 methodology in action

We’ve helped hundreds of clients and entrepreneurs create growth engines fueled by pipelines and portfolios of industry-disrupting ventures.


As of September 2022, there are 1,191 unicorns in the world valued at almost $4 trillion,* many — if not all — of which could have been founded by a Global 1000 company.

Global businesses have ideas, talent, capital, brand, technology, channels, and most of all, customers — often millions of them. We help you leverage your advantages to bring new ventures to life.

There is no reason large companies can’t seize their Mothership advantage and unleash their unicorns within.

*CB Insights, The Complete List Of Unicorn Companies

100% Focused on Execution

Our Job is to Work Ourselves Out of a Job

We’ve invested years developing a teachable, repeatable, scalable methodology and library of processes, tools, templates, activities, and more to build client capability — not dependency.

We’re a Unique Cadre of Successful Entrepreneurs, VCs, and C-Suite Executives

We’ve collectively generated over $50B in market value over our operating careers in companies we’ve invested in, managed, created, or built.

A Sample of Our Success Stories

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AirbusSchneider ElectricTDKRWEGoodYearHalliburtonLabsHypertherm Ventures

"A partnership with Mach49 will help you think about disruptors, global forces, and local trends in a whole new way."

Kathryn Scheckel  
Managing Director, Head of Hines Global Venture Lab
Schneider Electric

hines AND MACH49

Hines, one of the largest privately held real estate investors and managers in the world, is actively evaluating and implementing new economy businesses, products, and services that enhance their portfolio, elevate the experience of tenant customers, and further empower employees. Their new venture Halo, which was incubated with Mach49 and launched within months, disrupts the commercial real estate industry with an aim to digitize the market.

"Mach49 has helped us turn ideas into real ventures. The great mentors and resources dedicated to our venture team, combined with a streamlined process, is a recipe for success. Entrepreneurship is a business where people matter — Mach49 is top of the art."

Gregoire Viasnoff
Gregoire Viasnoff
Business Incubation VP, Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric AND MACH49

Schneider Electric is a multinational energy management company that has been incubating new companies with Mach49 since 2018. While new ventures incubated outside of Mach49 typically have a 90% failure rate, Schneider Electric’s success rate is 100%. Mach49 has helped incubate each venture, including eIQ Mobility (EV fleet as a service); Clipsal Solar (a top Australian residential solar energy provider combining solar and data); and Dash Energy (an online tool to optimize energy spend).

Mach49 also partners with Schneider Electric on the expansion of their CVC arm, SE Ventures. SE Ventures launched with a $600 million fund, investing in energy transition, smart structures, and industry 4.0.

"The mistakes that most corporate VCs make is to try to learn the job without any guidance. Mach49 helped us understand which details really matter versus which ones don’t. We ended up with a corporate VC design that can actually be trusted and relied upon by the full VC ecosystem."

Nicolas Sauvage
President, TDK Ventures, Inc.


TDK Ventures collaborated closely with Mach49 to design and launch a $50 million corporate venture fund in nine months. Just 18 months after the initial investment, TDK Ventures had three exits. In 2021, Mach49 assisted with the launch of a second, $150 million fund to further TDK Ventures' fast start in materials science investing. We continue to partner, accelerating their investments in early-stage clean technology and advanced materials companies like Starship, Groq, and Fabric8.

"Mach49's approach to customer pain, incubations, and building new businesses from within is utterly unique. I've never seen anything like it before."

Sukhjinder Singh
Former Co-Founder and CEO, Pear.ai


In 2017, Mach49 and RWE incubated Pear.ai, a smart energy management software solution. Within 36 months of incubation, Pear.ai was acquired by the nation's leading competitive energy supplier, Constellation (parent company: Exelon Generation). Constellation leverages Pear.ai's energy intelligence platform to provide utility expense management and centralization of utility data and analytics.

"We can prove to the world that there is no better time for the long-established legacy companies to launch our own startups and, yes, even our own unicorns. We have ideas, brands, talent, capital, and customers we can leverage."

Richard J. Kramer
Chief Executive Officer, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company


The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company is a 123-year-old company that continues to evolve its business, leveraging new advancements in technology and adapting to the changing behaviors and expectations of its customers. As part of its commitment to drive meaningful growth for the company, Goodyear launched its corporate venture capital arm, Goodyear Ventures, to invest in the future of mobility.

"Going from a place where only a handful of folks had even the roughest concept of what we were going to build, to seeing Halliburton Labs out there thriving and playing a role in supporting the startup community is really exciting. Mach49 has been a fantastic engagement and really helped us get off the mat and turn our vision into a reality."

Scott Gale
Executive Director, Halliburton Labs


As part of their commitment to sustainability, Halliburton Labs selects startups to participate in their collaborative program to foster cleaner, more affordable energy. Since 2020, Mach49 has supported the launch and growth of the program, which gives early-stage clean energy companies access to Halliburton's lab facilities, technical expertise, and business network to help advance their products, secure funding, and prepare to commercialize and scale their technology.

"We worked with Mach49 to finish setting up our CVC. We had done a lot of work on our own, but we didn't have that final piece — the keystone that signals it's all connected and ready to go. We did the final buildout with Mach49 and three years later, we're still engaged with Mach49 to run and operate our CVC team."

Nathan Pascarella
Nathan Pascarella
Director, Hypertherm Ventures
Hypertherm Ventures


With the continued partnership of Mach49, Hypertherm Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of industrial-cutting system designer Hypertherm Associates, scouts entrepreneurs and early-stage companies around the world to commercialize technology within strategic interest areas.