Rob Majteles
Board Member-in-Residence

Rob is a respected maverick and visionary known for his big-picture thinking and bold pursuit of asymmetric returns. He has served on and chaired boards for both private and public companies, in addition to his work as a fund advisor and investment committee member for a wide variety of investment funds. As Board Member-in-Residence, Rob lends his invaluable experience and insight to corporations looking to grow and scale their businesses.

Prior to joining Mach49, Rob founded Treehouse Capital — an active personal investment vehicle. He also served as CEO of several technology companies, 2 of which generated superior investment returns for shareholders during his tenure. Throughout his career, Rob has also worked as an investment banker, M&A attorney, and long-time adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at University of California, Berkeley’s business school.

Rob holds degrees from Columbia University and Stanford Law School.