Amos Manasseh

Head of Venture Building

Amos is an entrepreneurial business leader with a career that spans more than three decades. He has founded and managed multinational businesses in the UK, Europe, USA, Israel, and Asia, has two exits, a C-suite contribution to a $100m public listing, and multiple M&A transactions under his belt. As an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at Mach49, Amos specialises in building new businesses from scratch, working with new venture teams to unlock and test their product vision, develop their business idea, and refine and execute their go to market strategy.  

In the last 35 years, Amos has built and led the funding, development, and commercialization of six multi-million dollar digital ventures from inside multinational corporations and six independent ventures. Amos’ approach is informed by his wide interests and many years as a leading London producer. He combines creative vision and rapid assimilation of a variety of subjects with the ability to lead and collaborate with multidisciplinary expert teams. Amos has driven innovation with academic researchers, software development teams, and business teams in the UK, USA, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Israel, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Cambodia.

Amos has spent the last 10 years in Asia launching three corporate ventures for Axiata, Asia’s second largest telco group, including an Asia-wide API-platform business connecting all subsidiaries in the group. The API project culminated in a JV which connected all the major Telcos in India with a centralized identity service powered by their own network services. Recent strategic projects in China, UK, and Singapore include Identity-as-a-Service, Biometric-Identity-as-a-Service, and software-based cyber security.

Outside of work, Amos has been married for 31 years with two adult children, is passionate about architecture and modern sustainable prefab building techniques, water sports, golf, and is a Jazz musician.

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