David Charpie

Managing Partner

Dave has extensive leadership experience in Global 2000 firms as well as multiple venture backed, joint venture, and intrapreneurial startups. He possesses unique skills in creating disruptive businesses and entrepreneurial cultures inside of large companies — and a proven track record of starting and monetizing big data, cloud, risk management software, and healthcare informatics businesses.

Corporate Intrapreneurship — As VP of D&B, founded supplier information venture—generated $8.4M of sales year two, ultimately becoming D&B’s third largest unit ($100MM+).

Startup Leadership — As SVP Open Ratings, led negotiations between D&B and Open Ratings for data and B-round investment—achieved successful exit for Open Ratings with D&B acquiring firm at multiples of annual sales.

Culture Change — As Global VP Intrapreneurship for SAP, trained and mentored over 100 internal startup teams—resulted in five disruptive, organic-growth investments for SAP during first 18-months of program.

Technology Innovation — As GM SAP, started the Knowledge Network—developed unique analysis methodologies for Ariba’s $874B of transaction data resulting in 11 patent applications.

P&L Management — As VP, Global Business Incubator for SAP, launched Supplier InfoNet™, a Cloud, supplier risk management business—established firm as leader in big data pooling and B2B predictive performance content.

Strategy Consulting — As founder/principal of consultancy focused on driving disruptive innovations inside Global 2000 firms—created 4 solutions worth $3.6B in sales opportunities for major procurement network service provider.

Business Development — As Executive Director RCG Healthcare Consulting, a radiology management and IT consulting unit—launched five new products in first year and grew average customer sales 10X in six months.