David Charpie
Co-CEO, EVP and Co-Head of Venture Building, Chief People Officer, Mach49 Board Member, and Managing Director Boston

David has extensive leadership experience in Global 2000 firms, as well as in multiple venture-backed, joint venture, and intrapreneurial startups. He possesses unique skills in creating disruptive businesses and entrepreneurial cultures inside of large companies, and has a proven track record of starting and monetizing big data, cloud, risk management software, and healthcare informatics businesses.

Now Co-CEO, Chief People Officer, and Co-Head of Mach49’s Venture Building practice, David was one of the firm’s first team members and has led Mach49 through massive growth. He has led countless incubations — launching successful businesses and developing lasting client relationships along the way, built the firm’s People function from the ground up, established Mach49’s presence in EMEA, overseen the development of Mach49’s Boston office, and much more.

Before joining Mach49, David led startups for 4 prominent information services companies: SAP, Partners Healthcare, Dun & Bradstreet, and Healthcare Market Research — a joint venture between CVS and Pfizer. He designed and launched several first-of-their-kind solutions at these firms, including the precursor to the UN / SPSC commodity coding system — the international standard for trade.

At D&B, he founded a supplier information venture that ultimately became the company’s third-largest business unit, with revenues exceeding $100M. At SAP, he started Supplier InfoNet, a Cloud supplier risk management business that established the firm as the front-runner in big data pooling and B2B predictive performance content. Later, David headed the merger of InfoNet with Ariba and its $874B of supply chain transaction data, to expand its industry-leading position.

David’s venture-backed experience started earlier in his career at Open Ratings, where he led negotiations with D&B that resulted in data and B-round investment for the startup and, ultimately, the company’s successful exit, when D&B acquired the firm at multiples of annual sales. As Founder and Principal at a strategy consulting firm focused on driving disruptive innovations inside the Global 2000, he also created 4 new solution offerings worth $3.6B in sales opportunities for a major procurement network service provider.

David has a BS and MS in nuclear engineering from MIT, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. ‍