Dennis List

Senior Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Dennis is a hands-on expert in early stage venture strategy with over 18 years of experience in a variety of roles across tech and consumer products. At Mach49, Dennis contributes strategic expertise that helps clients build the capacity to become better leaders and run successful businesses.

Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, Dennis’ first taste of entrepreneurship on a global scale took place when he co-founded the music hardware startup Rocki in 2013 and later became its CEO. Prior to joining Mach49 he worked as a Program Manager at Techstars, where he was responsible for driving and developing three cohort-based Accelerator programs in Singapore and Amsterdam. After five years in the Singapore startup scene, Dennis became especially in tune with innovation and corporate ventures in South East Asia.

Through his extensive international venture experiences, Dennis developed a passion for helping founders navigate the foundational challenges that new companies face. Whether he's coaching new ventures in how to tell their story, build a customer-centric product or service, find the right funding strategy, put together a team, or leverage networks to bootstrap early stage growth, Dennis has a gift for helping entrepreneurs create and grow successful organizations.

Dennis continues to mentor a handful of startups in his spare time, and currently lives in The Hague, the Netherlands, with his wife and two daughters.

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