Ellen Bossert
Venture Builder

Ellen is a dynamic leader who specializes in bringing advanced technology platforms to market in a myriad of company cultures, from startups to Global 500 companies.

What she calls her “special sauce” is an intuitive ability to interface between complex science and customer needs to create high-value solutions, effectively translating powerful R&D and IP into breakthrough market positioning. As a Venture Builder, Ellen helps clients on their journey from initial ideation to solutions design, customer development, and commercial execution.

As the top commercial executive at Color Kinetics, the global pioneer of LED systems technology, Ellen’s leadership in marketing, demand generation, and product innovation helped catalyze the company’s $800M acquisition by Philips Electronics, with 10x forward revenues. For Philips, she incubated a new product platform, a customer acquisition and financing model for energy services, resulting in more than $100M of new business and recognition as Breakthrough Initiative of the Year.  

Ellen’s versatility and innate curiosity surrounding world-changing technology also led her to leadership roles at NanoSteel, a cleantech company specializing in nano-structured steel material designs; Zoesis, which spearheaded the first computational models of mind leveraging AI; and Presto Technologies, an MIT Media Lab spin-off whose work in RFID devices was a precursor to Apple Pay. Most recently, Ellen led innovation at Lucidity, developing an award-winning portfolio of consumer electronics that brought circadian wellness into the home.

A resourceful evangelist, Ellen enjoys captaining robust cross-functional teams, on which her contagious energy, work ethic, and collaborative style galvanize colleagues towards passionate productivity. Ellen honed her understanding of team dynamics through an All-American collegiate basketball career at Columbia University, where she earned a BA before later earning an MBA from Harvard University.