Griff Resch

DIO Delivery Team Lead (US East) and Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Griff has a passion for understanding what motivates people's behaviors and how that impacts the way organizations succeed or fail. He has had a career in three parts — as a technology and operations consultant, a product strategist and leader, and an English teacher.

As a Mach49 New Venture Director, he uses this diverse background to lead and guide teams during new venture creations, helping them understand and empathize with customers to uncover true pain while developing customer-centric solutions and businesses to meet their needs. He focuses heavily on enabling team members with the tools, frameworks, and mindsets to grow as entrepreneurial leaders. Griff leads delivery in our Boston office.

Griff has a BA from the University of New Hampshire, an MEd from New Hampshire College, and is completing his MBA at Babson College.

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