Henrik Rydberg
Accelerate Executive-in-Residence

Henrik has spent 20 years building winning businesses that have redefined markets and created shareholder value through buyouts and public listings. As Accelerate Executive-in-Residence, he draws on his deep roots in user experience to offer product development expertise and design thinking to New Venture Teams, helping them create uniquely valuable solutions that cut through the competition. Henrik is passionate about meeting the customer on Day 1 and believes customer pain belongs at the heart of every business model. It’s the mindset behind his unparalleled talent for identifying product-market fit. 

As a proven startup founder with expertise in growth and scale, Henrik has an impressive track record of building high-performance teams, driving strategy and innovation, and delivering impactful growth and revenue. He started his career as Founder and CEO of Aisti Medialab, which became the most awarded Finnish UX consulting firm of its time. He later forayed into the 3D technology market, helping found and scale a 3D design application that now has 40M users worldwide, and growing a 3D printing service from a startup to a public listing. Henrik has helped startups secure more than $100M from top VCs. 

He is also a Design Coach for the Andreessen Horowitz network and a featured speaker at conferences and universities on the topics of design leadership, design thinking, user experience design, and lean startup methodology. He holds a bachelor’s degree in digital design from the Lahti Institute of Design.