Jonathan Fraser
CX Principal

Jonathan is an outcomes-focused strategist who has honed his ability to navigate complex human behavior over a decade of leading innovation programs, allowing him to effectively extract and synthesize customer insights. A champion of cross-discipline collaboration, he teaches client teams the optimal methodology and conditions for designing, building, and launching new ventures.

Prior to joining Mach49, Jonathan worked at a number of leading innovation consultancies, helping clients across industries identify and capture new growth opportunities. He helped develop a digital bank for small businesses, launched a citizen feedback platform for public services, and enabled an automotive OEM to effectively incubate digital products at pace. Earlier in his career, he also co-founded a food startup that advocated for edible insects as a healthy and sustainable alternate protein source.

Jonathan holds a master’s degree in innovation design engineering from the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London, as well as a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Cambridge.