Marcel Lamers
Accelerate Entrepreneur-in-Residence

Marcel brings experience in product, business strategy, and entrepreneurship to the Mach49 team as an Accelerate Entrepreneur-in-Residence. He is a born maverick with a natural aptitude for data-driven decision-making, having founded his first venture at 17. ElmoreMusic launched an online platform to help music producers grow their online presences and fan bases. By combining an online product with an offline business model, Marcel quickly made his venture profitable.

He later held positions in marketing, sales, and business development, before participating in a Technology Entrepreneurship program at Stanford University that led him to pivot towards product management. He worked as a Product Manager for several companies, including Hyves — the largest social network platform and most-visited website in the Netherlands at the time — where his customer base made up 60% of the country’s population. 

He then founded Lone Rooftop, a pioneering property-technology company aimed at making office buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable. As Founder and CEO, he led the development and execution of product and business strategies that culminated in the creation of a highly scalable building intelligence platform, adopted by corporates, governments, and universities. The VC-backed startup expanded across Europe and the US, achieved triple-digit growth rates during high-performance years, and grew into a multimillion-dollar business that was eventually acquired by HubStar. 

Marcel holds degrees from IVA Business School and Northwood University.