Chelsea Hare
Lead CX Designer / Researcher

Chelsea is a classically trained, lifelong artist and designer raised in the heart of Silicon Valley. She’s been with Mach49 since the firm’s inception, codifying the methodology our teams use and helping to deliver successful, impactful new businesses by contributing to over 25 venture-building engagements.

Certified in user experience design and research, Chelsea teaches client teams how to utilize design thinking strategies and user-centric research methodologies to understand their customer and develop disruptive, profitable solutions.

Through research, rapid ideation, usability testing, and constant iteration, Chelsea has an impressive track record for bringing concepts to life in clean and intuitive prototypes. She is experienced in consulting local businesses, Fortune 1000 companies, and prominent tech startups in graphic and UX design, digital media, and social marketing best practices.

Chelsea received a BA in fine art from San Francisco State University, specializing in illustration and intricate storyboarding to formulate quickly scannable imagery that is approachable for diverse audiences. She also studied UX / UI and visual design at the General Assembly.