Martina Lech
Senior Designer

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Martina wears many hats for Mach49’s EMEA team. As Senior Designer, she applies user-centered design practices and empathetic research techniques to create engaging and thoughtful solutions to complex problems. 

Martina started her career in finance and worked within the automotive, insurance, real estate, and investment banking industries over the years, applying a customer-centric approach to everything she touched. Through her unrelenting curiosity about human behavior and passion for solving real-world problems, she developed a genuine love for UX design. Using both creative and analytical lenses, she is able to dive deeply into customer pain and bring solutions to life through clean, engaging interfaces. Martina embraces the future of design, and particularly enjoys creating solutions that extend beyond the screen through emerging technologies like augmented and mixed reality. 

She holds a BS in psychology from McMaster University and an MS in user experience design from Kingston University. She also studied UX foundations at RED Academy in Toronto.