Nils Beers

Executive-in-Residence, Accelerate

Nils is a visionary executive and entrepreneur who has worked at the intersection of new technologies and new businesses for over 15 years. Nils never asks himself if a new technology will change the world — only how — which is why he utilizes his talents for business development, strategy, and growth to bring new technologies to market as user-friendly products.

As Accelerate Executive-in-Residence, Nils leads teams in learning how to combine the speed and agility of a startup mindset with the patience and stakeholder management skills needed to scale ideas into lucrative growth opportunities.

Nils has been a driving force in disrupting the Netherlands’ tech industry and cultivating the country’s now thriving startup culture. He founded his own startup building award-winning solar-powered speedboats before helping to build the Validation Lab at YES!Delft, one of Europe’s leading tech incubators. Nils also partnered with HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje tofound Techleapnl, a foundation focused on making the Netherlands the #1 startup ecosystem in Europe by expanding access to capital, talent, international markets, and IP. Most recently, he worked with KickstartAI, a joint venture by five of the Netherlands’ most innovative brands to accelerate the adoption of AI within their companies and Dutch society.

Nils still advises startups and serves on the boards of foundations that aim to advance the use of new technologies while living in The Hague with his wife and two kids. He holds degrees in psychology and naval architecture from Leiden University and Technische Universiteit Delft, respectively.

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