The Time to Do Great Things Is Now

We help global companies tackle the biggest challenges on the planet

Mach49 was founded on the belief that only global businesses have the scale, reach, and resources to solve the world’s most pressing problems, including climate change, energy, education, disease, poverty, racism, wildfires, hunger, water, and disappearing species.

The work you do should be fulfilling and rewarding

People are living longer and longer thanks to healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine and technology — which means they'll be working longer and longer too. As much as we celebrate startups, most people are employed by large companies — and they need purposeful, meaningful work for their ever-longer careers. Launching new ventures allows people in your organization to be entrepreneurial and creative — and even have some fun.

We Work With Our Clients to Make a Positive Impact on the World

We’re building and investing in startups that are tackling big problems in a wide range of markets.

  • Connecting the Deaf and Hearing in Real Time
  • New Energy Frontiers
  • Sustainable Mobility / EVs
  • Electric Fleet Launch and Management
  • Autonomous Transportation
  • Sustainable Buildings and Real Estate
  • Smart / Sustainable Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Infrastructure
  • Agriculture / Smart Farming
  • Sustainability Verification / Validation, ECommerce
  • Sustainable Mining Operations
  • Aerospace, Sustainability, Security
  • Blue-Collar Talent Opportunity, Experience, Employment
  • Sustainable Consumer, Digital Experiences
  • Leveraging Facilities for Health and Wellness
  • Construction Safety
  • Water
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility and Safety
  • Healthcare Innovation and Accessibility 
  • Obesity
  • Circular Economy
  • Scope 3 Emissions
  • Wildfire / Emergency Response
  • Food Security